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Live Here. Dive Here.

Tempest Dive Boat in Long Island, New York

Technical and Recreational SCUBA Diving Charters, Training, and Equipment

Diving aboard Tempest

Based out of Long Island, New York, The Tempest, a 45' commercial style dive charter, visits some of the best shipwrecks throughout the New York and New Jersey area.


Are you ready to experience moments that will last a lifetime? Get in touch with East Coast Wreck Diving to learn about our diver training programs. We are excited to set you off on one of the best trips of your life. Get ready to create some unforgettable memories and don’t forget to send us a postcard! rEvo Rebreather Instructor and SF2 Instructor, Capt Tom McCarthy is happy to provide safe and professional training.


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We offer the best in Tech Diving equipment including rEvo and SF2 Rebreathers

Who We Are and What We Do

East Coast Wreck Diving and Tempest Dive Boat offer Technical and Recreational SCUBA Diving Charters, Expeditions and Training on Long Island New York.


We can provide entry level training up through Trimix on open circuit and rEvo and SF2 Rebreathers. We visit shipwrecks such as the Andrea Doria, RMS Oregon and The USS San Diego and many more.

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