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Trip Procedures

Your Questions, Answered

What are the requirements?

All Divers must present a valid certification card if it is their first time aboard M/V Tempest. 

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions that you have had to disclose on dive waivers please bring a Doctors release. Our medical questionaire is located on our charter waivers and can be found in the menu above.

We require advanced open water at a minimum for all divers outside of a class.

For all divers it is highly recomended that they be capable of conducting a dive in low visiblity, be proficient in how to use a lift bag and reel for emergency ascents, and be proficient with how to run a reel for navigation. It’s generally suggested that new wreck divers are accompanied by someone more experienced on their first wreck dives. There is no shortage of quality dive partners in the area, we suggest joining a club or becoming active in a shop or group. This is not meant to discourage newer diver participation, we were all new wreck divers at one point, it is however an attempt to make the dives safer and more enjoyable for new people who may not have any true open water experience off a boat in the North East, or in some cases no experience outside of a class.

Divers under the age of 18 will not be admitted due to the inability of a parent to execute a release for a minor in the state of New York. 

"Valdimer v. Mount Vernon Hebrew Camps, Inc., 9 N.Y.2d 21, 210 N.Y.S.2d 520, 172 N.E.2d 283, 285 (N.Y.1961); see also Ohio Cas. Ins. Co. v. Mallison, 223 Or. 406, 354 P.2d 800, 802-06 (Or.1960) (noting that a child would be unlikely to pursue claims if agreement required its parent to indemnify the defendant). In short, an indemnification from negligence that specifically makes a parent the ultimate source of compensation would likely result in inadequate compensation for the minor or family discord." (

How Do I cancel?

The Captain reserves the right to cancel charters or change locations due to weather. A full refund will be given for any deposits paid in advance in the event of cancellation. Prices will be adjusted accordingly for new wreck destinations.


We ask that you provide us with your cell number as a way to reach you the morning of the dive in the event we must cancel.

If you cancel your reservation for a weekend dive that is 130' and shallower, it must be done by Noon on monday the week of the trip. Cancellations with shorter warning will forfeit any deposits paid and be expected to cover their remaining charter fee for the day. However if your spot is filled by a qualified replacement (whether you refer them or we do) you will not have to pay for the charter. We recognize unexpected events do occur on short notice but please understand that even a single cancellation can have a negative impact on our ability to operate our business profitably. All charter bookings are final for any planned destination that is greater than 130'.

What should I do before the trip?

The boat will leave the dock at a time specified by the Captain. We ask that you arrive prior to this time so equipment may be fully loaded. We will leave exactly on time. If you arrive late and we are not there we apologize, however, it is unfair to other passengers to have to wait. You are expected to pay for your spot on the charter if you are unable to make it. If you arrive before the Capt or crew please do not open the transom door unless you are familiar with its operation.

We ask that if you will be diving Nitrox that you bring a bottom gas with an O2% no greater than 28% (or whatever mix you deem acceptable for a 130' dive.) This allows us to keep our options open for potentially diving other wrecks on the fly if all passengers are in agreement. For example, we have the San Diego (110') scheduled, however everyone on board decides they would rather dive the Oregon (125') that day. A mix of EANX28 would allow for this change.


All divers MUST dive with a pony or stage bottle with a separate regulator, including students. Divers using doubles with a manifold and isolator are reminded that the the total loss of gas in an isolated cylinder will now cut your supply in half or more, plan reserves accordingly.  There are no exceptions to this rule.​ Divers not in a class must be proficient with the use and carrying of redudant gas setups before coming out. A real emergency should never be the first time you've deployed a backup breathing source.


Once onboard we will conduct a rousing safety speech. You are then free to move about the cabin.


Our gear up benches feature storage made to specifically fit a standard sized milk crate. It is the best way, while aboard, to keep your equipment near by and in place if you have one.

For overnight expeditions you will receive specific instructions on time of departure and any other planning considerations in advance.

On The Boat

This ship is bananas

At the Dock

Don't be afraid, we have cookies.

What should I do during the trip?

M/V Tempest is an extremely CCR Friendly vessel. Most of our Captains and Crew dive closed circuit and we welcome others who do as well.

If you are a traveling CCR or Open Circuit diver and require absorbent or tanks please get in touch with us well in advance so we may make the appropriate accommodations. We are happy to work with those from out of town and will do all we can to make your trip as effortless as possible.
Solo diving is also permitted so long as the individual is competent and recognizes the risks associated with it.

As space is limited we ask that you limit cooler sizes. We also have a Propane BBQ on board for those who wish to use it. We ask that you try to not bring Bubba Burgers on board. The 6' high grease flames may result in aircraft or other vessels radioing the Coast Guard. Also, in order to invoke the wrath of the gods, please DO NOT BRING BANANAS ONTO THE BOAT.

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