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rEvo Training

Train where you dive

East Coast Wreck Diving is proud to offer training on the rEvo Closed Circuit rebreather with rEvo instructor Capt Tom McCarthy.

Capt Tom McCarthy is proud to be one of 10 authorized rEvo instructors in the continental US and the only one in New York.

We can offer training anywhere adjacent to New York and is available to travel and bring rEvo training wherever you are as well.

The rEvo Air Diluent Course takes place over a minimum of 5 full days and can run longer depending on your scheduling and logistics.


-minimum 18 years / 50 open water dives / advanced nitrox or

equivalent. (advanced nitrox or equivalent can be co-taught with the rEvo course)

If taking Advanced Nitrox simulaneously:

-Must be qualified as a Nitrox Diver and Deep Diver (or equivalent) with proof of a minimum of 50 logged dives or sufficient experience to satisfy the instructor that the student has the ability and knowledge to continue into this level of training.

-Must be a minimum of 15 years of age with a parent or guardian authorization, or a minimum of 18 years of age without guardian approval.

What you'll learn:

Upon graduation from this course you will be able to safely plan and execute decompression dives to 130' with Air as a diluent gas while using the rEvo Closed Circuit Rebreather


Subject matter includes:

  • General Rebreather Design

  • Physiology: Hypoxia, Hyperoxia Hypercapnia

  • How To Dive Rebreathers "when all goes as planned"

  • Emergency Procedures while Diving Rebreathers "when all goes wrong"

  • Dive Planning and Decompression Calculation

  • Oxygen Sensors

  • Constant Mass Flow Theory

  • rEvo Scrubber Rotaion System

  • Build-Up of the rEvo Rebreather

  • Use of the rEvodreams

  • Maintenance

  • Use of the Shearwater Computer/Controller

  • Changing Batteries in rEvodream, Controllers, Shearwater

Confined Water Dives

Your course will also include two Confined Water Dives where you will learn the skills needed to become a safe rebreather diver.

Together we will practice skills including:

  • Minimum Lung Volume

  • Dumping Gas from Loop

  • Manual Diluent Flushing

  • Full Verticle Flush

  • Oxygen Addition

  • Breathing in different positions

  • Mask Clearing and Removal

  • DVS Removal and Replacement

  • Bailing out to Open Circuit SCUBA

  • Controlled Ascent/Descent

  • Boom Drills

  • Hypoxic (Too Little Oxygen) Scenario

  • Hyperoxic (Excess Oxygen) Scenario

  • Hypercapnia (Excess CO2) Scenario

  • Barrell Rolls

  • Water Removal from Breathing Hoses

  • Stage Bottle Removal and Replacement

  • Removing Unit at the surface (to simulate diving off small boats)

Open Water Dives

When you're ready and comfortable with these skills we'll then conduct Open Water Dives together. It's required to conduct a minimum of 6 dives for your certification.

In addition to the skills from your confined water dives Some of the new skills you'll learn and practice on your open water dives include:

  • Bubble Checks on Descent

  • Switching PPO2 Set Points

  • Maintaining Loop Volume and Buoyancy with depth changes

  • Frog Kicking

  • Shooting Lift Bags/SMB's on a rebreather

  • Open Circuit SCUBA Bailout from depth

  • RMV Calculations (Your personal Gas consumption rate)

  • Simulated and Real Decompression Stops

  • Switching Bailout Tanks with your buddy

  • Maintaining Safe PPO2 at all stages of a dive (Including the surface)

  • Cell Current Limiting Check during Descent

Post Graduation

  • Once you've completed your rEvo training you'll always have access to Capt Tom as an instructor/mentor/buddy. He's there to answer any questions you may have going forward or to help you if you're considering any new rEvo CCR or accessories.

  • Free Guided Dives- After your training is completed Capt Tom is glad to dive with you anytime you're aboard our vessel M/V Tempest. We feel that your certification is a license to learn and it's always great to dive with a mentor and friend when you've completed your training. Like all diving there is always something new to learn!

Cost of training: $1500*

*100% of this training cost is due the first day of the course. 50% deposit required to reserve a student spot. It is nonrefundable for any reason. Cancellations may be made up in the future at the students own expense and not at the responsibility of East Coast Wreck Diving Corp. This Cost doesn't include training materials, cert fees, boat/entrace fees, consumables, etc. Only cash/check is accepted within 30 days of start of course.

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