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The SF2 Rebreather is a fully Electronic Closed Circuit Rebreather (ECCR) system with manufacturer produced and supported backmount and sidemount versions as well as agency endorsed back and sidemount training programs.

The flexibility of having two separate and easily convertible systems reduces planning and equipment considerations for mission specific tasks.

Whether it be inside a cave or a shipwreck, the SF2 Rebreather's rock solid design as well as protected counterlung make the unit exremely capable. 

The SF2 Rebreather is produced in Germany and has been available to the European market for some time. Only recently has the unit been opened up to the US market.

  • Manufacturer Sidemount/ Backmount Conversions and support: switching between backmount and sidemount SF2 Rebreather versions takes a matter of minutes

  • Agency approved training for both sidemount and backmount

  • Enclosed Backmounted Counterlung: Protected counterlung design allows for the unit to breath normally even in extremely tight quarters when bag style counterlungs may become pinched or even damaged. The counterlung is also field replaceable by any user

  • Flood recoverability: Counterlung mounted dump valve allows water to be easily cleared from the unit before it even passes through the scrubber

  • Shearwater Petrel 2 diveCan Controller and PPO2 monitor (Standard on the SF2 Rebreather):

    • utilizes a single commonly found AA style battery for the hand set

    • ​Allows Unit to be turned on/off without disassembly

    • Provides accurate live decompression information based off loop gas readings

    • User selectable Low/High PPO2 Setpoints: also changeable during the dive

    • Allows for the input and selection of multiple Closed Circuit and Bailout Open Circuit Gasses

    • Diver Downloadable dive logs with dive graph including PPO2 and cell voltage history

    • Built in compass

    • User changeable Gradient Factor based decompression profiles

  • Jaksa corrosion resistant Solenoid: powered by a single, user replaceable, easily found 9V battery

  • Three O2 sensors: located within electronics chamber to protect them from moisture.

  • High Quality SMB Style angled connectors on Oxygen sensors: allows for easy tool free removal and replacement of sensors

  • Additional Blank Fischer Style Connector: Allows for diver to use any current fischer style PPO2 monitor

  • Utililizes Industry standard Backplate/Wing Style BCD setup: Allows user to easily swap/upgrade between open circuit and their SF2 Rebreather as well as between multiple SF2 Rebreathers by simple swaping as it were a set of double cylinders.

  • Dual Over Shoulder or Waist Mounted Delrin Manual Add Blocks: each include inline shutoffs as well as two independant QC4 offboard connectors

  • 5.5 lb User Packable Axial CO2 Scrubber: Complete with stainless steel dust screens and scurbber settling prevention spring

  • Inline slide isolators on first stage regulators: allow the shutoff of either diluent ADV or Oxygen solenoid (in the event of free flow or use of hypoxic trimix gases) In the event both isolators are closed, the diver still has access to manual addition blocks as well as their BCD power inflator.

  • Machined Delrin Electronics Head: The environmentally sealed electronic chamber is located within the top compartment (head). The breathing hose adapters are mounted slightly angeled to provide additional comfort.  This leads to perfect positioning of the unit as well as high wearing comfort. Electronics are also epoxy potted to prevent damage in the even of water ingress

  • High performance Stainless ADV assembly: allows for ultra smooth automatic gas addition upon descent

  • US standard size nitril O-rings: all orings on the SF2 Rebreather were chosen due to their wide availability. Any o-ring supplier would have them in stock and no custom manufactered o-rings are used.

  • Fast and simple assembly and post dive maintainance (designed with fast response public safety divers in mind)

  • Carbon fiber body tubes

  • Travel Weight: due to carbon fiber construction the SF2 Rebreather is extremely light and can be broken down into easily stowable components

  • Flexibility of Bottle usage: The backmount version of the SF2 Rebreather can accomodate most size cylinders ranging from small 2L bottles to 50cuft steel cylinders. The sidemount unit can be driven by any cylinder with a QC4 connection and we have seen extremely creative setups including a sidemount SF2 being worn in conjunction with large steel double cylinders.

  • Sidemount DSV:

    • Neutrally Buoyant

    • Turnable

    • Right / Left usable

    • Built in Chin Rest with retaining strap mounting holes

    • Uni-direction hose routing allows for shortest route possible from DSV to Sidemounted Rebreather

SF2 Rebreather


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