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Shearwater Petrel:

The rEvo is available with the Shearwater Petrel Dive Computer from the factory.  

The Shearwater Petrel is a fully functional Trimix enabled Decompression Computer. When PPO2 levels are being read correctly the Shearwater will actively calculate your decompression requirements based upon them throughout your dive.

It also has the ability to switch between CCR mode and Open Circuit Bailout gasses on the fly.

Oxygen Sensor Display:

The readings from Three Oxygen Sensor are each simultaneously displayed across the center of the screen.

Normal PPO2 levels are displayed in white, while PPO2's outside of the acceptable range appear in bright red.

Input Cable:

The input cable is hardwired directly into the Shearwater handset. This provides a more robust connection method and reduces the maintenance and fatigue issues generally associated with fischer style connectors. This is especially beneficial to those diving in salt water where corrosion is a concern.

Shearwater Petrel Options

The Shearwater Petrel is currently available in Three unique hardwired options:

  • PPO2 Monitor/ Decompression Computer

    • This Option is fantastic when used with an MCCR rEvo. It does not have an oxygen solenoid or scrubber monitoring system however. Its purpose is to display your PPO2 and calculate your decompression requirements only.

  • DiveCan Expedition Hybrid PPO2 Controller (Non-rEvo Monitoring System (RMS))

    • This Option features a fully functional Electronic CCR controller system. The diver may enter a set point into the Shearwater and the unit will electronically add Oxygen to your breathing gas based upon what your Oxygen sensors are reading.  It does not include the rEvo Monitoring System (RMS)

    • DiveCan: The DiveCan system is a full digital interface. It allows future additions of hardware to be added to the system with ease (For example a CO2 sensor). It is also a great diagnostic tool for the electronics system. For example, the DiveCan system is able to discern a break in your cable leading to the Shearwater Computer on your wrist (unlike Analog signal lines which will only give you a lower or higher signal)

  • Dive Can Expedition Hybrid PPO2 Controller (Full RMS)

    • This Option features a fully functional Electronic CCR controller system. The diver may enter a set point into the Shearwater and the unit with electronically add Oxygen to your breathing gas based upon what your Oxygen sensors are reading. 

    • This Option includes the full rEvo RMS system (see below for description of the RMS system)

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rEvo RMS Scrubber.png

RMS (rEvo Monitoring System)

RMS is rEvo's proprietary scrubber monitoring system. Using advanced algorithms and data from temperature probes located inside each scrubber, the RMS system is an accurate way of predicting your scrubber remaining duration in real time.
RMS durations are computed using information such as Gender, Weight, Depth, Water Temperature, Scrubber Probe Temperatures. It then displays a conservative remaining cycle time (RCT) to you right on your Petrel display screen.
Many divers are getting significantly longer scrubber durations when doing dives with RMS when compared to the standard rated durations which don't have the ability to change depending on each dive's unique environmental factors.

rEvo P Dreams.png

rEvodream P/P5

The rEvodream P/P5 are rEvo's very own PPO2 Monitors

These Backlit Displays will show alternating views of the output from 1 or 2 Oxygen Sensors (your choice and automatically detected by the rEvodream on startup) on their displays.

Each rEvodream also comes with a HUD (Heads Up Display) which mounts to your DSV (Dive/Surface Valve (seen right)) just in the bottom of your field of vision.

These lights will flash different patterns depending upon your PPO2 levels and will alert you when they are outside of an acceptable range.

Unique to the P/P5 Dreams:

Gone are the days of tapping the rEvodreams to input commands. The P Dreams now feature a prominently displayed push button beneath the display. Turning them on and off is a simple as a push, as are various user commands.

The rEvodream P5/5 also feature the ability to chose between two different HUD light patterns. The traditional pattern, which lets you know when you're in a certain PPO2 range and a new modified "Smithers Code" which allows you to interpret your exact PPO2 using light flashes.

The P and P5 models also feature different batteries.

The P has a user replaceable watch style battery rated for about 200hrs of use, while the P5 features a SAFT style battery that can be replaced by the factory every 5 years or 800hrs.

Shearwater NERD

Shearwater's newest innovation is the NERD (Near Eye Remote Display) Dive Computer

The NERD is essentially a fully functional Petrel that mounts to your DSV and sits just at the bottom of your field of vision.

The entire contents of a normal Petrel screen are visible in the display and the optics in the NERD are comparable to looking at a wrist mounted Petrel computer from 1' away.

A fantastic option for everyone but especially useful for photographers, scooter divers, or those who generally have their hands full.

The NERD is available as a PPO2 monitor or a full RMS enabled controller!

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