January 19, 2018

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January 19, 2018

I met a traveller from an antique land 

Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone 

Stand in the desert... near them, on the sand, 

Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown, 

And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command, 

Tell that its sculptor well those passions...

January 17, 2016

When The Rule of Thirds May Not Work:

A look at the golden rule as applied to Wreck Diving

It should be noted that this article is designed to introduce people to ideas they may not have considered. I won’t be diving into exact gas usage formulas so as not to give anybod...

August 10, 2015

When are you ready for a rebreather?

The purchase of a Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) might be one of the most stressed over decisions in diving.  For the uninitiated the process can be daunting.  Questions such as; “Which one?” “How much?” "Which features?" “Are they...

December 23, 2014

I often have divers call me up asking about getting out on one of our technical dive trips.  Great! We have some of the best wrecks in the world off the coast of Long Island and New Jersey.

It's at this point that any good Captain will ask a few questions to perspective...

December 9, 2014

The 5 Arguments About Rebreathers I Hear From Non-Rebreather Divers: Part 2

Welcome back, if you're just reading for the first time, this is the continuation of our article from last week.

In Part 1 we addressed the two arguments...

  • I've been doing these dives on open...

December 4, 2014

Why should I bother to dive a rebreather?


It's a question I get quite often from people, especially the old open circuit hold outs. The comments, though different in delivery, often boil down to 5 arguments.


  • I've been doing these dives on open circuit for years

  • ...
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